20% of profits this month will go to Rooster Haus Rescue!
20% of profits this month will go to Rooster Haus Rescue!
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Hi! I’m Bird, founder of Liberation Design. 

Liberation Design is an encompassment of all things important to me: art, animals, social justice, and giving back.

The Liberation Design shop has been a long time coming. Many of my products are designs I’ve made over the years to raise awareness about causes important to me, especially animal liberation. Liberation Design is the product of a decade of creative experience. Throughout the last decade, I’ve absorbed a lot of knowledge, skills and experience from my time volunteering with grassroots organizations and non-profits as well as working with both small businesses and large corporations. This spectrum of experience has allowed me to see the good, the bad and the ugly of the creative industry. 

The two biggest influences in starting Liberation Design have been my heavy involvement in sanctuary work and the years I have spent in the creative industry. With sanctuary work, I quickly realized the desperate need for funding shortly after becoming involved and it became my natural response to use art as a method of both activism and fundraising. Getting to know the individuals at sanctuaries has played a key role in my activism and many of my designs are inspired by these individuals. With Liberation Design, my goal is to be able to give back to the animals more than I ever have before. 

During my time in the creative industry (when I wasn’t using whatever resources I had at my disposable to low-key produce activist signs on the clock), I designed wall art for large retail stores. While I excelled at my job, creating mass-produced art weighed heavy on my conscience. The biggest setback to officially opening up shop has been reckoning with my personal ethics. While I love seeing products come to life, I have always felt guilty about putting them into the world. After much thought and experience out in the “real world,” I started to recognize that launching Liberation Design was the solution. Not only does it allow me to make ethical choices, it also allows me to create the world I wish to see: one where the things that are put into the world are created intentionally, purposefully and with as much consideration for people and the planet as possible. Ethics are the foundation of Liberation Design and I aim to reflect that in all that we do.

As a volunteer currently living on an animal sanctuary, when you support Liberation Design, not only does a portion of monthly sales benefit animal sanctuaries, but it also allows me more time to volunteer. Your support is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your support in our fight for animal liberation.